Do the unthinkable

According to a recent survey, many employees would rather file their taxes than choose a health plan.1 But you need your employees to be vested in your benefit plan to make it work. Sound impossible? Not anymore.

BPA customizes benefits plans that appeal to the specific needs of your workforce as well as the financial goals of your organization. We make the process as painless as possible for your employees so they feel empowered and informed to choose the right plan.

Don’t think you have enough employees to self-fund?

Groups as small as 25 members can be good candidates for self-funding or partially self-funding benefits plans. BPA has self-funded and partially self-funded plans to fit your specific needs.

Everyone wants more. At BPA we give your employees a variety of plan designs as well as embedded health and wellness programs.

Level Funding: A form of partial level-funding that reduces employer healthcare expenses combines the advantages of a traditional fully insured health plan with a self-funded benefit program.

Reference-Based Pricing (RBP): The BPA RBP program allows you to pay fair and reasonable rates for medical services through transparent pricing data.

Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC): BPA MEC plans do more than meet ACA requirements. They also help you reduce healthcare costs while providing benefits that encourage employee participation.

Give your employees more, without paying extra for it.

1 UnitedHealthcare Survey 2016

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